(11:15AM - 8:45PM)

  • Y01 Fried Chicken Steak /Pork Chop /Mini Steak on Rice (Choose 1 Choice of Sauce) 17.00
  • Y02 uncheon Meat or Ham & Eggs on Rice 14.50
  • Y03 Pork Chop Cutlet & Egg in Teriyaki Sauce on Rice 19.50
  • Y04 Baked Chicken Steak in Honey & Garlic Sauce on Rice 18.50
  • Y05 Baked Chicken Steak or Pork Chop on Rice (Japanese Style) 18.50
  • Y06 Spaghetti Bolognese (Beef) 16.50
  • Y07 Baked Beef & Cheese Spaghetti w/ Tomato Sauce 16.50
  • Y08 Baked Fish Fillet on Rice w/ Sweet Corn Cream Sauce 18.50
  • Y09 Baked Chicken Steak Cutlet & Egg on Rice w/ Tomato Sauce 19.50
  • Y10 Baked OX Tongue & Cheese on Rice w/ Gravy 19.50
  • Y11 Baked Fish Fillet Cutlet and Cheese w/ Cream Sauce on Rice 19.00
  • Y12 Baked Chicken Steak w/ Red Curry Cream Sauce on Rice 18.50
  • Y13 Baked Pork Chop & Cheese w/ Tomato & Cream Sauce on Rice 18.50
  • Y14 Baked Smoked Duck Breast w/ Honey Mustard Seed Sauce 18.50
  • Y15 AAA Steak w/ Onion Paste in Rice Bowl 18.00
  • Y16 Fried Chicken w/ Korean Spicy Miso in Rice Bowl 17.00
  • Y17 Korean Spicy Bolognaisei on Rice (Pork) 16.00
  • Y18 Korean Spicy Bolognaisei Udon in Soup (Pork) 15.00
  • Y19 Pork Chop Cutlet w/ Egg Sauce on Rice 19.00
  • Y20 Malaysian Curry Chicken or Beef on Rice 17.50
  • Y21 Fried Beef, Shredded Chicken or Ham Spaghetti 17.00
  • Y22 Fried Udon or Instant Noodle with Spicy Minced Pork 17.50
  • Y23 Fried Spaghetti & OX Tongue w/ Tomato Sauce 18.00
  • Y24 Minced Pork Fried Rice w/ Pork Floss in Thai Style (Spicy) 16.50
  • Y25 Sausage & Bacon in Tomato Sauce Fried Rice /Spaghetti 15.50
  • Y26 Beef w/ Shrimp Paste & Spicy Sauce Fried Rice (Spicy) 16.50
  • Y27 Fried Rice w/ Shredded Beef in Spicy Sauce 15.50
  • Y28 Pad Thai (w/ Shrimp, Chicken, Bean Sprout & *Roasted Peanuts) 18.00
  • Y29 Fried Udon w/ Chicken in Japanese Curry Paste 17.00
  • Y30 Fried Noodle w/ Mixed Mushroom, Fried Bean Curd & Veg. 17.50
  • Y31 Beef or Egg Sauce and Tomato on Rice 16.50
  • Y32 Beef and Tofu on Rice 16.50
  • Y33 Szechuan Bean Curd w/ Green Bean on Rice 15.00
  • Y34 Fried Bean Curd w/ Bitter Melon in Black Bean Sauce on Rice 15.00
  • Y35 Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken on Rice 17.50
  • Y36 Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce on Rice 18.00
  • Y37 Minced Beef w/ Raw Egg on Rice 15.00
  • Y38 Spicy Pork Chop w/ Maggi Sauce on Rice 17.50
  • Y39 Instant Noodle w/ Satay Beef & Egg in Soup *(With Roasted Peanuts) 12.00
  • Y40 Instant Noodle or Udon with Pork Chop /Chicken Steak /Mini Steak in Soup 12.50
  • Y41 Curry Beef Brisket & Rice Noodle in Soup (Spicy) 18.00
  • Y42 Beef Brisket Lo Yunnan Vermicelli w/ Spicy Mature Vinegar (*With Roasted Peanuts) 17.00
With Peanuts
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All prices are subject to change without prior notices. Please advise us of any food allergy before ordering.